How Home Theatre Works

How Home Theatre Works

How Home Theatre Works

Up until lately, the only great way of watching a movie was to go to a movie theatre. The television set in the house could not compete with the experience offered by the large screens of the cinema halls. Not only the TVs had small screen and poor sound quality but a large part of the movie scene was cut out to fit it on the TV screens. But, with the introduction of home theatre things changed quite a lot. Nowadays, more and more people prefer home theatres than going to watch the movie in the cinema halls. It is largely because they can enjoy the movie in the comfort of their home and that too with the same viewing experience.

The major add-ons of watching a movie in the cinema hall include:

  • A large screen, which offers a large field of view
  • Surround sound technology, which almost gives life to the images on screen
  • Film projectors, which offer clear pictures and high quality images

The basic idea of a home theatre is to re-create the same effects with home audio video equipment. The home theatre can be formed by assembling its different components like a large TV screen, three or more speakers, a device to podcast sound to these speakers and another to podcast movies in surround sound.

By assembling all the equipment, we can get the desired movie theatre like viewing experience. One of the major components of the entire home theatre system is the surround sound technology that is applied to the movie. For this, there should be at least five speakers. One speaker sits on the left and the other on the right of the screen. Two to three speakers are placed behind the seating area and then there is one right at the centre, which may be just above or below the screen. The audio signal is sent to different speakers with the help of the audio video receiver, which basically is the heart of the system. Also, an amplifier is used in the entire set up of the home theatre system; it ensures that the system gets enough power to give you high quality sound and picture.

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